What's My Salt Lake City, Utah Personal Injury Case Worth?

Receive just compensation for your injuries

Utah laws entitle victims to fair compensation for any injuries caused because of the fault of another party. Meanwhile, insurers and corporate legal departments might try to offer victims an unfair and lowball settlement. However, at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen, the legal staff works hard to make sure all clients get the award or settlement they are due.

It might be difficult for clients to know how much their personal injury suit is worth. If you or a loved one has suffered because of the negligence or willful actions of another, we can help you evaluate your case to determine a fair claim.

What is a fair award or settlement for a personal injury?

The amount of money that personal injury plaintiffs should claim differs by each individual case. Each claim should be based upon a number of losses the victim could suffer from. Some of these include:

  • Current and estimated future medical bills
  • Lost earnings from work
  • Damaged property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship or emotional support

The claim or settlement may or may not be equal to the total declared losses. Some things that could make the final award or settlement higher or lower than the actual sum of injury losses are mitigating circumstances, aggravating circumstances, and fault determination.

  • Mitigating circumstances: The plaintiff may offer a reasonable excuse or justification for negligent or willful actions that could lower the award.
  • Aggravating circumstances: The jury or judge could also add in punitive damages because the defendant’s actions are deemed more than mere carelessness. An example of this could be willful negligence.
  • Fault determination: The plaintiff and defendant could both be partially responsible for an accident, and this might lower a judgment.

Of course, the severity of the injury also affects the final award. A serious brain or spinal cord injury may keep the plaintiff from ever working again and cause irreversible damage. A severely injured person might not ever be able to return to any job, resume normal hobbies and recreation, or even perform normal self-care activities. A lifelong disability or wrongful death also puts considerable strain on the victim's family and support system.

Less severe injuries might only curtail activities for several weeks to several months. These injuries can still cause financial issues and pain, but the victims can look forward to a return to full functioning in the future. Judgments and settlements for recoverable injuries may be lower because losses are expected to be temporary.

Let our Utah personal injury lawyers help you get the award you deserve

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