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At Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen, our lawyers believe that anyone charged with a crime deserves a fair defense. We never pass judgment on our clients, and truly believe in innocence until guilt is proven. Over the years we have committed ourselves to providing strong, ethical defenses for those seeking representation for all types of criminal charges, including domestic violence — and we continue to do so today.

With the strict domestic violence laws in Utah, we understand the serious penalties you could face if convicted of such a crime, including steep fines, jail time, court-mandated evaluation and treatment, and up to 36 months of probation. But even beyond these penalties, a domestic violence conviction appears on your record and can have implications on your future in terms of employment, purchasing a house or anything else that might trigger a background check. Additionally, in Utah, if you have been convicted of domestic violence, your rights to legally possess a firearm or weapon can be severely restricted. As your representative, we will help develop an effective strategy that aims to achieve downgraded, dismissed charges and minimize the effects on your life.

Types of domestic violence cases

Cases that qualify as domestic violence involve cohabitants — people in relationships such as roommates, partners, spouses, parents and children, siblings, and boyfriends and girlfriends. Domestic violence charges can involve any of the following violent or non-violent situations or altercations between cohabitants:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic assault
  • Domestic battery
  • Criminal homicide
  • Spousal abuse
  • Spousal rape
  • Child abuse
  • Elder abuse
  • Incest, molestation or other sexual offenses
  • Harassment, including electronic harassment
  • Kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Violation of a protective order
  • Verbal abuse/intimidation
  • Child neglect
  • Burglary
  • Defacing marital property
  • Discharge of a firearm/use of a deadly weapon

Because of the harsh laws in Utah, there are times when relatively innocuous offenses can lead to domestic violence charges. Only with the help of an attorney from a top Salt Lake City domestic violence law firm like Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen can you be sure you have the best defense possible.

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