Will All Criminal Actions Remain on my Utah Records Forever?

Utah law is harsh on crime. However, it also offers a generous policy for sealing past criminal records, known as expungement. If you do not take appropriate action, even an arrest that does not lead to conviction can remain on your record, making it difficult to secure employment and housing in the future. Whether convicted or not, you should consult with an expungement lawyer in Salt Lake City to determine if and when you qualify for expungement and help get your records sealed to protect your future.

Even if you were convicted of a crime, you may qualify for expungement of your records, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. The Utah Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Identification considers many factors to determine eligibility, including the following:

  • Total criminal history. This includes incidents in all states and expungement of previous crimes.
  • The severity of crimes. Capital felonies, violent crimes and even automobile homicides represent a few examples of crimes that do not qualify for expungement.
  • Repeat offenses. Two or more felony convictions and multiple misdemeanor offenses can prevent expungement.

In many cases, individuals with a criminal record of arrest, investigation or detention without conviction can apply for expungement as early as 30 days after the incident. The law also permits expungement of many criminal convictions once the offender pays all debts to society and undergoes a waiting period, typically ranging from three to 10 years, based on the crime. To help ensure you take action as soon as you are eligible for expungement, you should consider seeking advice from experienced Salt Lake City expungement attorneys as soon as possible after arrest or conviction.

Even relatively minor errors in judgment can leave you with a criminal record that follows you throughout your life. The attorneys at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen have the detailed understanding of the complex Utah laws and processes needed to help determine if you qualify for expungement of your records. We have more than six decades of combined experience guiding clients you through the expungement process. We offer free consultations to individuals throughout northern Utah. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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